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Our Services

Our Services


Payroll Accounting

Due to the constant changes in employment tax, labour and social security law, payroll accounting proves to be one of the most complicated areas of tax law for non-professionals.

We offer our support within the following areas:

- Current payroll accounting

- Offsetting overtime, bonuses and travel expenses

- Calculation of current wage and salary taxes

- Health insurance registration and deregistration

- Calculation of holiday pay, leave remuneration and sick pay

- Examination of travel expense accounting, determination of taxable and social insurable constituents

- Assistance with payroll tax, municipal tax and social security audits

- Clarification on labour, tax and social security law issues

- Advice on the design of employment contracts: contract of employment, contract for work and labour, free service contract

- Particularities within industry-specific billing


The basis of proper bookkeeping is the careful collection of your receipts. By recording all of your income and expenses, you can create a short-term income statement at any time and, if you wish, a liquidity analysis that can be used to make further decisions.

Naturally, you can also manage your bookkeeping on your own. In this case, we offer training for your accountants. Should your accounting staff be unavailable, we can also act as an onsite stand-in to cover the ongoing bookkeeping duties.

All in all, we offer the following bookkeeping services:

- Accounting of current business cases and EDP-compliant acquisition, using BMD software

- Open customer and supplier post management

- Execution of reminder notices

- Accounting organisation

- Information on the development of your business

- Creation of short-term income statements

- Pick-up and delivery service of your documents

- Quarterly meetings about the economic situation of your company, upon request

- Assistance with investment decisions (leasing, credit)

Balancing of Accounts

Within this area you can expect the following services:

- Generation of annual financial statements

- Balance sheet or detailed revenue and expense statement

- Creation of asset register

- Preparation of interim and special balance sheets

- Generation of business analyses

- Preparation of tax-related supplementary balance sheets

- Consolidation of balance sheets

Corporate Coaching

You have a promising business idea and need help with its implementation?

Or, do you need a professional partner to help you with difficult business decisions?

This is what we can do for you:

- Creation and ongoing review of your business plan

- Assistance with administrative procedures

- Choosing or changing the legal form

- Financial planning for banks and the tax office

- Personnel costs and legal guidelines for personnel decisions

- Help with funding

- Capital budgeting

- Cost control

- Liquidity analysis

- Ongoing tax advice, monthly profit and loss accounts

- Assistance in all corporate matters

- Business takeover

- Business succession

- If required, we can also connect you with one of our partners in the areas of personnel development, employee motivation, mediation, accounting and EDP training.